Complicit is a collaboration project founded by Andrew Parmelee. Which is me. I'm writing this bio, so I won't pretend I'm not. The idea here is to bring musicians together, mostly focusing on songs we've all heard a zillion times, done differently. Ariana Grande? Let's make it heavy. Jonas Brothers? Pop punk. 

I'm not much of a singer, so I often reach out to singers to fill in the gaps in my production - but I collaborate with musicians too. 

Luckily, I've spent the last 10 years developing my skills as a musician, audio engineer and videographer, so I take care of the whole production in my home-based studio (Fill The Void Studios).

I've had the honour of recording & playing with some great artists throughout my career, such as Adam Gontier (Three Days Grace), Bif Naked, Todd Kerns (Myles Kennedy / Slash's band), Richie Kotzen (Poison) and Jeff Martin (The Tea Party) to name a few.

I currently play drums in a band called Cevilain, which has seen plenty of success as of late - as Complicit aims to satisfy a piece of me that has always been there; top 40 songs played as my favourite genres. There are plans to jump into some original music towards the middle of 2021.

 Photo by Rick Timbers Photography